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Our events are on hold but will resume in due course. You are welcome to subscribe to our mailing list for updates.

Diversity (event)

While we have run differnet types of events our flagship event was called ‘Diversity’. An exciting and cosmopolitan event, it was dedicated to showcasing upcoming artists across the spectrum of music, spoken word and fashion.

Diversity History:

Previous residencies have included the former ‘Pharmacy restaurant and bar’ of Nottinghill Gate that was designed by Damien Hurst, the trendy ‘Nell’s’ (now called Mahiki) of Mayfair and the stylish ‘Destino’ of Piccadilly (now called Gaucho).

The emphasis of ‘Diversity’ was on quality. No matter the style, place or time; if it’s good and in good taste the event aimed to promote, entertain and provide exposure. With a selection of great acts performing live on the night; it’s everything, it’s anything from Soul to Jazz-Funk, Blues to Acoustica and much, much more.

Previous artistes have included:

** Lifford (Soul) A singer/ songwriter in his own right he was the featured singer on the Artful Dodger’s production ‘Please don’t turn me on’ which achieved No. 3 in the UK national charts.

** Steve Brookstein (Soul/ Pop) Singer/ songwriter. Steve went on to win the first ever X-Factor talent contest in 2004, and then on to achieve the first UK national charts number one in 2005 establishing himself as a household name, the rest as they say is history.

** Georgea Blakey (Blues/ Folk/ Rock) Singer/ songwriter and well respected portrait artist. She is an ex member of original wild child trio; ‘Les Enfants de Rock’ which also featured Amanda de Cadenet and Emma Ridley; among Georgea’s most famous works to date is a portrait of Prince Charles with his polo pony which was sold to Sir Tim Rice.

** Chris O’Neill (Pop/ Rock) Actor and singer/ songwriter, Chris sang lead for the band ‘Water’. An accomplished actor, one of his most notable parts was as ex Beatle George Harrison in the film Backbeat.