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About Us

Our core area of focus is on providing musicians/DJs and organizing our own events.

Central to our thinking is the desire to utilise innovative methods to deliver unique experiences.

Having had a lengthy hiatus Sounds of Eden resumed activities in Spring 2022. Our events schedule is due to resume in due course.


Founded in South London, Sounds of Eden was initially conceived as a music production facility in order to act as a platform for the singing and production abilities of its founder Ri. April 2003 saw the launch of our first regular event showcasing live music, spoken word and the work of aspiring fashion designers. For more on the history of what was then our flagship event ‘Diversity’ click here.

As a consequence of organising numerous events we established relationships with a number of artists and this gave rise to booking them for private/ corporate clients, our main client being the Gaucho Group of restaurants and principally its flagship restaurant in London’s Piccadilly – ‘Gaucho’ Piccadilly